A fire or other disaster can be devastating to a business. There is the obvious property damage that is a direct result of any fire, but for a business, there is often lost income and inventory, as well. In some cases, the combination of property damage and lost business income can force a business to close its doors, but using a public adjuster to manage commercial fire claims can make a significant difference in the outcome for your business.

The insurance company will send a commercial adjuster to handle the property damage claim following a fire or disaster. While it may at first be encouraging that the claim is being processed, it is important to remember that the commercial adjuster works for the insurance company. In other words, the adjuster knows the system better than you, and will be looking for ways to settle the claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This is why you need an experienced public adjuster who is working for you.

A public adjuster can help to make sure your business interests are protected throughout the entire process. The claims process will usually start with a thorough investigation by the commercial adjuster. A public adjuster will be able to conduct an independent investigation and prepare you for any potential problems that may arise.

Another area where a public adjuster can help you is by reviewing your business coverage. While it will be too late to make coverage changes, the public adjuster can help you address any possible coverage issues before they become a larger problem. This can be disputes on what may or may not be covered or the extent of liability on the insurance company’s behalf.

The insurance company may also seek to settle a claim based on actual cash value of lost your property, with deductions for depreciation. It is not uncommon for the commercial adjuster to value property differently than a business owner does. A public adjuster can help to make sure the settlement is fair and helps you to recover and rebuild.

Business interruption coverage is an important component of commercial insurance. Unfortunately, it is also extremely complicated. A public adjuster can help you through this part of the claims process as well, making sure that you receive a fair and reasonable settlement for your lost income.

Managing a commercial claim requires considerable time and expertise. You owe it to yourself to hire a public adjuster to protect your business interests. For the Public Adjusters works for you instead of your insurance company, which means that you can trust we have your best interests in mind at all steps in the process. Contact us today at 919-400-6440 to learn how we can help protect you and your business during a commercial fire damage insurance claim.

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