What Does A Public Adjuster Do?  When property gets damaged, owners often find themselves in a tasking scenario that drains them of their time and money. It’s a situation where the property owner needs to make serious decisions; decisions that involve significant amounts of money. So, what does one do to simplify the task? Well, they hire a Public Adjuster.

Some have heard of a Public Adjuster, and when they call us their most common question is, “What does a Public Adjuster do?” A Public Adjuster is professional who handles claims on behalf of the policyholder. In fact, they even advocate for the policyholder with regard to the negotiation and appraisal of the insurance claim. To put it simply, a Public Adjuster can help a policyholder navigate unfamiliar territory, while saving them valuable time and money. Here is detailed explanation of the whole process involved in getting a public adjuster to represent you as a policyholder.

Finding A Reliable Public Adjuster

The first step is to select and choose a reliable public adjuster. Unfortunately, you can’t just go to a coworker and ask for a referral. It’s not as common as hiring a contractor or landscaper where you can ask someone on whom they recommend.

The internet search is where it all begins. Search for “Public Adjuster NC” to find a list of several public adjusting companies in your state. No need to only look local, so be sure to add your state to the search. You will have more to choose from.

Before calling anyone, browse their website for information. Also, type their company name in the search engines to see if there are any complaints or reviews for the individual companies. When their company links come up in the search look for their Google Reviews, and other review sites to see their track record.

Choose companies that have multiple reviews. It’s human nature to post a complaint about a company or service, before posting a good review. So, companies with many good reviews must be doing a good service for their clients to feel compelled to post for them.

What Does A Public Adjuster Do? The (basic) Public Adjuster Process

Once that decision has been made of who you wish to call, you, as the policyholder, must get in touch with the public adjuster. This is where all the information about your claim is discussed. If you are happy with the conversation and feel the adjuster has addressed your concerns he/she will then set up an inspection of your damages and paperwork.

Your information is then reviewed by the adjuster, who will also review your policy for all coverages. He/she will look at the coverage and create a plan based on what is found.

The next step is for the policyholder to accept the public adjuster as his/her representative. Naturally, there will be some paperwork involved at this stage.

Here, the adjuster will take a deep look at factors such as limits, exclusions, and coverage. All the information gained is used to create a claims strategy for the proper presentation of your claim to the carrier. At this phase, it is necessary for the adjuster to be updated on all aspects. Laws regarding such policies keep changing and the adjuster needs to be aware in order to find effective solutions.

Detailed Scope of Damage and Documentation

This is where your Public Adjuster will help you document your claim. A full inspection of your property and damage will be conducted, as well as photographs showing all the damages. In many cases and depending on the size of the claim – hundreds of photos will be taken. Measurements, diagrams, contents inventory, and anything related to your claim will be fully inspected and documented.

Your Public Adjuster will then prepare estimates and pricing for your building damages, contents damage, any other structures damage, as well as your loss of use and additional living expenses. Your full documentation of your loss will then be presented to the insurance company’s adjuster. In most cases the two adjusters will then meet at your property to go over the entire claim submitted by the public adjuster on your behalf.

Settlement of Your Claim

The last step involves negotiating with the insurance provider and arriving at the expected settlement. Generally, a properly documented and well-defined claim will see plenty of success. Your public adjuster will then advise you as to why the negotiated settlement is a good offer to accept or if the policyholder should consider the appraisal process to seek more proceeds owed on the claim.

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