From fires and floods to hurricanes and tornadoes, there are a wide variety of natural disasters and accidents that can quickly ruin a home. While it’s difficult enough for a homeowner to lose his or her home, insurance companies do not always make performing home restoration after one of these incidents easy.

Fire and Water Damaged Home Restoration

Homeowners can sometimes wait weeks – even months – to get the insurance money that is owed to them. In cases like this, many homeowners turn to the services of public adjusters to help them pick up the pieces and restore normalcy to their lives quicker and faster than they likely could by themselves.

Working with a Public Adjuster

Public adjusters work for property owners, negotiating their clients’ expected benefits with insurance companies to expedite payment on their policies. Public adjusters have inside knowledge of the insurance field and can help with the seemingly dauntless task of rebuilding after a disaster.

Public adjusters make the process go much faster. They know what steps need to be taken and know when to push insurance companies and when to hold back. They can help ensure that you are not waiting too long to receive the money that is owned to you.

Many public adjusters can also work with a restoration company on a client’s behalf to help expedite repairs and remediation that may be needed following a fire or natural disaster. Many homeowners think they must wait to consult a restoration company until after they’ve received payment, but involving a restoration company early in the process can actually help move things along more rapidly, as Digital Journal notes.

While public adjusters are experts at working to get you your claim payouts from insurers, restoration companies have in-depth familiarity with property damages and working with insurance companies. These restoration companies can help homeowners and public adjusters at the same time, offering their knowledge in home repairs to help price out the cost of damages and help document the damage as proof for insurance companies. Plus, once the insurance company settles, these experts can get to work right away, already knowing the exact scope of the work that needs to be done.

Losing a home to a disaster can be traumatic. Most homeowners will not feel right until the process is over. The longer it takes to get insurance money and take the next steps to rebuilding their home, the longer the pain can last. Insurance companies do not want to pay any more than they have to and can be difficult to work with. If you find yourself in a situation like this, employ the services a public adjuster that can help you become whole again like the experts at For the Public Adjusters. If you’re in need of assistance with your insurance claim, call us today at 919-400-6440.

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