No matter how large or small, experiencing a house fire is a frightening, devastating, and very upsetting experience. The first tragedy is the fire itself, then for most fire claim victims, the second tragedy is working with their insurance adjuster. Your fire insurance claim calculation should be an easy process, however, it’s just not. The insurance fire estimate process can be a daunting task.

Insurance Companies Are Using Tactics
To Tilt The Fire Insurance Claim Calculation In Their Favor

You pay insurance and you feel secure believing they will be there in your time of need. However, more and more policyholders are finding themselves fighting with their insurance company adjuster. Your fire claim process should not be difficult. It’s easy to see what caused the damage. However, some adjusters act like the policyholder is trying to take “their own personal money.”

The adjuster starts off real friendly and cooperative with statements like, “No worries, all this is covered under your policy”. Or,  “I’m here to take care of you”. Other classic comments like, “Just send us an estimate from a contractor and we’ll pay it”. Then when you provide such, they respond with “We have a contractor who will do it for less”.

Carriers are profiting Billions of dollars on the backs of fire claim victims with a premeditated fire insurance claim process. The start by low-balling their insurance fire estimate. This infographic will show some pretty horrific stats of how fire insurance claims are being paid and calculated against the policyholder.

Fire Insurance Claim Calculation Stats


The Delay,  Deny, Defend Game

It has been documented by many courts throughout the United States that insurance companies use a tactic known as “Delay, Deny, Defend”. This even happens with total loss fire claims.

  • fire insurance claim delayDELAY: The carrier and adjuster will first attempt to delay your claim. They do this by taking a long time to produce your fire insurance claim calculation. This can be from a variety of events. They may delay your claim inspection or delay producing their estimate of damages. Other types of delays by saying their manager has to review the file – not sending copies of your policy, and worst off delaying checks for your fire damage. Delays can also occur in paying for your clothing, additional food expenses, or for temporary housing. This is all done in an effort to put you into financial stress so you will cave and accept their low-ball offer.
  • fire insurance claim deniedDENY: Next is the Deny game. Your carrier may attempt to deny your entire claim by investigating you for fraud. They will use tactics and twist words you say against you in an attempt to not pay your claim. The company will treat you as if you set the fire yourself. They will send fire investigators, ask you to make a recorded statement, or even an Examination Under Oath by one of their attorneys. If you clear that process they will ask you to submit a contractor’s estimate. Once you do, they Deny that it will cost that much and advise you they have an agreed price with one of their “preferred” contractors. Again, this is all done in an effort to put you into financial stress. So, you will be forced to cave and accept their low-ball offer.
  • fire insurance claim defendDEFEND: If you are one of the very few who attempt to defend yourself against their attempts to minimize your claim payout, they will then defend themselves against you. Many carriers have adjusters that get appointed to claims when there is a Public Adjuster or attorney involved. It’s a numbers game to them. In addition, when they use these tactics against you, the process becomes normal to their adjusters. They treat all claims like this. Most of all, it cost the insurance company much less to DEFEND themselves against the few that protect themselves – than it does to pay what they actually owe on each claim. Face it, you and your family are just a number!

You must turn this DELAY and DENY process around by DEFENDING yourself! A Public Adjuster is your first line of defense. They will be able to provide free advice and consult you on where you stand with your fire insurance claim calculation. Educating yourself and knowing how to deal with an insurance adjuster after a house fire is key to obtain what you rightfully deserve. Fire insurance claim help is just a phone call away.

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