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The most common homeowners fire in NC develops while cooking in the kitchen, and they are far more costly to repair. Fire damage from stove top kitchen fires are more common than fires that originate from the fireplace, appliances, homeowners smoking, a burning candle, and even fires from a furnace. A survey conducted by a top NC Insurance Provider, noted that the average stove top kitchen fire will cause in excess of $30,000. This amount calculates to a claim payout of more than four times higher than claims by water damage, which is the next most costly homeowners claim.

“Of all fire damage claims submitted by our policyholders, over 17% were caused by stove top cooking last year,” said Thomas Skirts, general Adjuster. Skirts advises that the carrier has learned a lot from all the fire damage claims submitted over the years. Skirts also sated, “Having a plan and learning some basic tips before the unthinkable happens, can go a long way toward preventing homeowners fires.”

The research also showed that the months of March, April, May, October, and December – were months where the greatest amount of kitchen fires damage claims were submitted. Shocking, as most people believe the winter would have the most fires.

Another survey conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), notes that 1 in 22 households will suffer fire damage as a result of cooking each year in NC. It is estimated that stove top cooking has been the cause in an estimated 156,400 homeowner dwelling fires reported to fire departments each year in the United States. These homeowner fires caused:
– 420 deaths
– 5,310 injuries
– $993 million in homeowners damage


The below house fire safety tips and homeowners fire insurance coverage suggestions can assist you in making decisions that may reduce your risks of a house fire from cooking. Oh course we can’t list or know every risk, nor can we guarantee any of these will work for every homeowner, however, practicing any of these may help you protect your home and your family.


Kitchen Fire Damage Prevention Tips:

Stay alert while cooking.
Have working smoke alarms.
Never use water on a grease fire.
Never leave the kitchen while cooking.
Install and use cooking appliances safely.
Always keep what you are cooking in sight.
Keep things that can catch fire away from heat.
Keep children and pets away from the cooking area.
Know what to do if you have a cooking fire. Practice
your fire escape plan. Know two ways out of your house.

Fire Damage SmokeKnow Your Home Finishes and List Your Personal Property:

Walk your home circling each room with the video camera on your phone.
Inventory your valuables, including approximate value and date purchased.
Pictures or video your valuables including their model and serial numbers.
Visit for more information and download free inventory software.
Add your insurance company’s claims department phone number to contacts on your cell phone.
Read and understand your homeowners insurance policies, especially your policy deductibles.
Store mortgage and other important papers in a safe deposit or fire safe box – and do not store the box on your basement floor.
Talk to an agent to make sure you have the appropriate amount of insurance coverage to protect what matters most to you.

Already Suffered Fire Damage?

Fire damage and your insurance policy are very complex. people who suffer fire damage are under great stress and tend to make haste and costly decisions in an attempt to get their home and life back to normal. Huge mistakes can put you in a serious financial situation that most fire clam victims fail to come out of. It can’t hurt to speak with a fire damage claim professional. Call 919-400-6440 to speak with a NC Licensed Fire Damage Claims Adjuster and have all your questions answered. No Sales Pitch, No Pressure, Just Answers To Your Questions. Call today.

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