Fire Insurance Claims Adjuster: When damage to your home or business occurs, often what the insurance company offers to compensate isn’t enough to compete repairs or replacement. Sometimes, they hire out-of-state adjusters who have no idea regarding the local rates. The way they value what you lost is downright ridiculous. You may have lost items that were purchased from Pottery Barn, but what the insurance company considers to be ‘replacements’ are items from Walmart or a Flea Market. Such dilemmas have people questioning, “How To Deal With Insurance Adjuster After A House Fire“?

Tips on How To Deal With Insurance Adjuster After A House Fire

Under these circumstances, you have no choice but to hire someone to represent your side of the claim. Not many people know that they can hire a State Licensed Fire Insurance Claims Adjuster or Public Adjuster. Your insurance company has sent an adjuster that represents them. Whereas, a Public Adjuster represents and works for you, the homeowner.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their insurance company is trying to pay the least amount possible on all their claims. Securing a Fire Claims Public Adjuster should be a top priority to flip that scenario and obtain the maximum you deserve for your fire claim damage. Now, the question becomes, “Which Fire Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Tips For Finding A Fire Insurance Claims Adjuster

First, conduct a search online for “Public Adjuster NC” (or whichever state you live in). There will be several of them who are licensed and bonded by the state. However, how do you narrow your search?

Once you find a few listed, check their business name for reviews. Search their company name and add the word reviews to it. Or, simply search for “public adjuster reviews NC” (or whichever state you live in). If they have reviews on Google, on Customer Lobby, Yelp, Facebook, or other know review sites, it’s a safe bet that the reviews are from real customers. Just having reviews on their own website could be a red flag.

  • It is also a good idea to ask for references. Preferably, clients whom they have served in the past five years. Call the references and ask the following questions:
     Would they hire him again if they faced another claim?
     How much time did it take to get them the settlement?
     Did they get them a settlement for the personal property that they lost?
     Was the amount obtained enough to replace everything that they lost / restore everything back to normal?

Also, interview the Public Adjusters you are considering:
 Are they local?
 Have they done other claims in your area or surrounding areas?
 How long has they been adjusting claims?
 How much is their fee for assisting you?

Consider A Fire Insurance Claims Adjuster Even If Claim Is Closed

Even if you feel satisfied with what the insurance company is offering, chances are you are leaving tens-of-thousands of dollars, or more, on the table. A professional, experienced, Fire Insurance Claims Adjuster can obtain those additional funds for you.

It does not cost you anything to speak with a Public Adjuster to assist you. What do you have to lose by considering one and speaking with one to get answers to all your questions? Call Me – 919-400-6440. No Pressure, No Sales Pitch, Just Answers!

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