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Independent Public Insurance Adjuster On YOUR Side

As if severe damage to your property isn’t enough, the second catastrophe can be dealing with your insurance company or an insurance company adjuster.

Most insurance claims can be very complex due to the large amounts of property that is damaged.

And, as you’d expect, most insurance companies want you to believe that they will live up to their end of the policy, and pay for all property damages incurred.

Yet, more and more policyholders are finding themselves fighting with insurance company representatives.

Insurance company adjusters act like the policyholder (you) is trying to take ‘their personal money.’

There is really only one fact when it comes to any type of claim you have. It’s not the adjusters money, or the insurance company’s money.

It’s your money. 

You are entitled to the full “Amount of Loss,” for the damages that your home or business has suffered.

You should not and cannot be expected to fight a homeowners or business owners claim alone.

Well, technically, you can. But, we encourage you to bring in the experts. Here’s why:

1. Their Adjuster

The insurance company will send out a claims adjuster (a hired gun) that works for “them” to assess and value the property damage you have suffered.

2. Their Advice

‘Their” adjuster will advise you on how much ‘they’ owe for your claim. Or worse yet, how much “they” are willing to pay for the damage “you” have suffered.

3. Their Play

How do you know if ‘they’ are correct, or missing items, or purposely excluding others?

They’re sure getting a lot of advantages by sending their claims adjuster to your property.

Can You See How The Insurance Company Has Total Control Over You And How Much Your Claim Is Worth?

Shouldn’t You Have A Representative That Assesses And Values The Property Damages You Have Suffered As Well?

Does it seem logical that a person should enter into a legal matter without proper representation?

It would be similar to asking the IRS to do your taxes. I don’t believe any sane person would request such things. If that’s the case, then why would you allow your insurance company to value your claim?

It only makes sense, right? Would you want to be on trial for murder without an attorney? Would you want the jury who will be sentencing you to only here from the States Attorney or the victims attorney?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Can you see the problem and the conflict of interest that exists with a claims process that has only one claims adjuster that works for the insurance company?

Who works for you, the policyholder, the homeowner, the business owner? In most cases… the unfortunate answer is that no one is there guiding and assisting the policyholder. The homeowner is left alone to handle the claim damages themselves.

Or worse, most will simply rely on the insurance company adjuster’s valuation of their loss.

1. Do You Know?

How do you know if the insurance company is paying all that your insurance policy allows?

2. Your Policy?

Do you know and understand everything in your policy?

3. Coverage?

Do you understand your coverage and the convoluted language of the insurance policy?

4. Your Costs?

Do you understand all the cost of repairing or replacing your home or building?

“We hired For The Public Adjusters, Inc. after we had a house fire.

“Our insurance company just didn’t want to do anything for us. For The Public Adjusters, Inc. got us more than what the insurance wanted to settle for and we finally got a settlement and are moving on with the whole rebuilding process.”

John A.  More Reviews

Can you really afford to give up an additional 300% to 1500% in claim proceeds by dealing with the insurance company by yourself?.

Take action now!

We’re public insurance adjusters providing residential & commercial claim help in Louisiana.

At the very least, speak to someone to get some advice. It does not cost anything to speak to someone.

For the Public Adjusters list of services

Fire Claims

Many policyholders allow their insurance company's adjuster to inspect their building, estimate and process their entire claim, and generate a value of their full fire insurance claim — without asking any questions. Without even considering if the insurance adjuster is correct! We are IICRC Certified for Fire Damage.

Water Damage

Water damage from broken pipes, overflows, appliances, rainstorms, etc. is one of the most common types of property damage claims. The costs of drying and reconstruction after water infiltration are very costly. Insurance company adjusters are NOT Water Damage Certified. However, OUR ADJUSTERS ARE!

Wind Damage

Many home and business owners can see damage to their properties. However, most wind and hail damage cannot be seen. Not having your home properly inspected can result in Tens Of Thousands of dollars in damages over and above the damages caused by the storm. We will inspect your damages at NO COST!

Hail Damage

Recovering financially from a hail damage claim can be challenging. Many claims adjusters and carriers often have different standards or guidelines in their claim processing manuals of what is considered hail damage and/or how many hail hits are needed to consider coverage. Our trained Public Adjusters got you covered.

Hurricane Claims

Hurricanes spread devastation throughout North Carolina. The aftermath leaves you on an unfamiliar playing field; dealing with an unfair insurance company holding the money you need and acting like your claim proceeds is personal money from their personal bank account.
Tornado Damage Insurance Claims Help - NC, VA

Tornado Claims

It is not unusual for property insurance companies to deny claims, or fail to adequately and promptly pay for the damages after a storm. These insurance companies refuse to cover damages to your house or building, personal property and other coverage for which you have paid premiums.

Theft / Vandalism

A theft or vandalism is not only a breach of personal security and a major source of anxiety, but it's often also the beginning of a long battle with insurance companies for proper coverage. Most theft claims can be very complex due to the large amounts of property that is damaged.

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For The Public Adjusters, Inc. will answer your insurance claim related questions and provide advice and assistance for insurance related damages that are a result of fire, smoke, wind, water, flood damage, theft, hail, and hurricanes. Speak with a Licensed Public Adjuster today!

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Great Assistance, Enough Money Received!

I sought assistance from For The Public Adjusters, Inc. recently after my whole house caught on fire and destroyed everything. Fortunately, they were able to get me enough insurance money to cover the damage. The employees were polite, professional, and very helpful. This was my first time using them, fortunately. I would highly recommend For The Public Adjusters, Inc. for any who suffered a big accident and needs assistance!

Marisol H. | More Reviews

Can you really afford to give up an additional 300% to 800% in claim proceeds by dealing with the insurance company by yourself?

Get your property claim damage questions answered for FREE. No Sales Pitch, No Pressure. Just Answers. Fill Out The Form For a FREE Consultation.

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